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Revolutionizing Acquisition

Using AI, Lead Stream leverages proven Facebook campaigns to automate your booking. No manual work, just confirmed appointments.

Proven Ads, Three Clicks

We offer a ready database of successful Facebook campaigns. These are designed to attract quality leads, and can be launched with just three clicks.

Smart Lead Targeting

Our technology specializes in identifying prospective clients, focusing on quality and eligibility. It ensures your cleaning business only interacts with top-tier leads.

AI Lead Nurturing

Our system is designed to handle conversational engagement, diligent follow-up, and appointment scheduling. It transforms leads into booked jobs without your business needing to lift a finger.

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Say Goodbye to Marketing Agencies

Our solution gives you access to proven Facebook campaigns that you can launch with just three clicks. Forget about the expensive marketing agencies and their complex processes. Simply choose a campaign and watch as our system utilizes its AI capabilities to manage it all the way.

Effortless Lead-to-Client Transition

Lead Stream’s AI does more than just identify leads. It diligently engages and nurtures each lead, eventually booking them for appointments. The need for your front desk staff to master sales talk becomes obsolete. Our AI follows industry best practices for lead nurturing, ensuring we deliver conversion rates that surpass industry averages.

Every Lead Valued, None Overlooked

With Lead Stream, no lead is ever deemed lost. Our system follows up with leads indefinitely, nurturing them until they are ready to book. This commitment to lead management allows us to convert leads that others might have given up on – we’ve even turned leads as old as 240 days into paying cliets. Your ad spend is respected, and every opportunity is taken to bring new business to your company.

Our Partners’ Success Stories.

I had the pleasure of working with Market My Cleaning Business, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with their level of professionalism and friendly approach. Their customer service is exceptional and always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. They took the time to understand my businesses needs and guided me to what I needed. Their platform is user friendly and easy to navigate. It provides me with all the tools I need to help grow my business efficiently. I would 10 out of 10 recommend. Thank you Market My Cleaning Business


I’m so thankful you showed me that. It works our leads have been going nuts all morning Now to spend all day catching up with missed leads

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